The Phi Kappa Gamma
  International Honor Society

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Congratulations are extended to Stratford University in Falls Church, Virginia upon its recent association with The Phi Kappa Gamma Society.  Stratford University's  main campus in Falls Church, Virginia with its satellite world-wide campuses are united in upholding the ideals and goals of the Society, thus marking it as an institution committed to excellence.  This association strengthens our shared pursuit of the principles of Knowledge, Truth, and Integrity to bring about a positive impact upon our local and global communities.    

Stratford University Campuses

Main Campus Falls Church, Virginia, United States
Glen Allen, Richmond, Virginia, United States
Woodbridge, Virginia, United States
New Delhi Main Campus, New Delhi, India

THE PHI KAPPA GAMMA SEAL:                 

Knowledge To understand the relationships of information gathered through experience and the guidance of  teachers. 

Truth We conform our mind with reality and test knowledge for its truth. Truth complements, completes and unifies knowledge into standards of action for the betterment of the individual and society.

Integrity The guide by which our thoughts, words, activities and dealings with others are honest and sincere because they are based upon knowledge that is true.

The Star Represents the unifying light of Knowledge, Truth, and Integrity which illumines us to perform positive individual and social acts.

Olive Branches Symbolize victory, accomplishment of the goal, and the completion of the standards which measure success.